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Re: icebreaking

From: Tim
Location: MI
Remote Name:
Date: 12.29.08
Time: 08:49:50 PM


All of the G-Tugs are used except for the Oklahoma or Florida (in the soo) she is ripe up forward. The Wyoming, Vermont and Superior in detroit are used. The Superior is better suited as it has a recirculation tank to draw raw water from. The Idaho, Nebraska, and Louisiana in Toledo. The Idaho is nice because she is electric propulsion but she's kindof weak. The Nebraska is identical to the Wyoming but she's had a cracked stern tube that wasn't fixed right the first time,it cracked and then fixed right the second time around. The Louisiana was a great tug for ice breaking, she had plenty of power and was very maneuverable, but her M/E (GM 12-278A) is blown. Its kinda odd but G-tugs have two classes and each boat within the class behaves differently from every other in the class. Yes i used to work for them, I wonder how well the new "handy size" tugs will do in the ice?

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