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Re: Line Handlers

From: Brian Ferguson
Location: Near Flint, MI
email: Roundthirteen@hotmaildotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 12.24.08
Time: 04:09:18 AM


The chair has its drawbacks. I wonder if anyone else has had one of these two situations play out 100x's while landing. One- the guy on deck gives you the "express ride" and your feet slam into the dock the board falls out from under you and you wobble for a long few seconds trying not to let gravity win. Two- the person sending you to the apron stops when your feet are still a yard above the apron and you have to reach down with one foot and the board flies out from under you again making you seem balance challenged. Extra points awarded if you skate on pellets in either situation. I remember one day coming into BNSF Superior we were double timing the landing for some reason and the 2nd mate decided to swing the boom out in between the loading rigs. With such limited time before the boom fouled on the rigs all three crewmembers hitting the dock got an express ride! Ice was required for most involved. Brian

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