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Re: Cold weather

From: Bob H.
Location: Indianapolis, IN
email: bhale849 at AOL..com
Remote Name:
Date: 12.21.08
Time: 03:30:19 PM


Like Matt said, cold weather on the Lakes is pure misery. We wouldn't wear survival suits on deck. First, they would restrict our movement too much, second, I don't know if they would keep you warm. I remember coming into Duluth on a December day when the wind-chill temp was about -40. I wore insulated work boots, thick wool hunting socks, long underwear, a pair of very thick jeans, a t-shirt, a sweat shirt, an insulated Carrhart jacket, with all of this covered by insulated coveralls. I also had on a pair of insulated cold-weather gloves. To top it all off, I stuffed my boots and gloves with those 4-hour warming pads. I still felt cold, but I could move and work.

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