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Re: Rescue Photo

From: Mike
Location: Mantua
Remote Name:
Date: 12.19.08
Time: 07:13:40 PM


This brings back an interesting memory. The offical USCG report about the sinking of the Fitz had recently come out. It sighted loose hatch covers. The CG inspectors had gone aboard the Charles M. White the day before & had gone down into to cargo hold looking for any light from the hatches. The enterprising bosun on the Thompson observed this. He was filling the holes on the JHT's hatch covers with okum when the USCG inspectors walked across the ship. They said "Nothing doing" The next day the Amship people were on the Thompson properly sealing the hatches. Anyone know who the bosun was in '77? Perhaps Lester Barnack? Seasons greetings, Mike

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