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Re: Tug Tenacious

From: William Lafferty
Location: here
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Date: 12.11.08
Time: 12:39:08 PM


*Tenacious* 281119 was delivered from Philadelphia to the Ryba Marine Construction Company at Cheboygan, Michigan, in late 2005, and is still at Cheboygan (although I note officially owned by C & T Equipment LLC). She was built as *Mobil 8* in 1960 by Ingalls SBCorp at Pascagoula, MS, as hull no. 135 for the Socony Mobil Oil Cormpany, New York. She was sold in 1991 and renamed *Tattarax,* sold and renamed *Nan McKay* in 1993, and became *Tenacious* in 1995, owned by Clearwater Marine Towing, Inc., Folsom, PA. Original dimensions: 80.3 x 25.5 x 10; 169 gt, 115 nt. She is single-screw, with an 16-567-E EMD, 1600-bhp.

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