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From: William Lafferty
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Date: 12.07.08
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Walter Butler SBsInc was established in 1943, assuming the property and USMC contracts of the former Barnes-Duluth SBCorp and the Lake Superior SBCo., with yards at both Duluth and Superior. It built relatively small N3-S-A2 cargo ships for Lend-Lease to Great Britain and, by 1944, larger C1-M-AV1 freighters and naval frigates for the USMC. A list of those vessels can be found here: http://shipbuildinghistory.com/history/shipyards/2large/inactive/butlerduluth.htm The *Toledo* in question is the frigate *Toledo* PF-33, one of a dozen built by Butler under a USMC contract for the U. S. Navy; she was renamed *Dearborn* before commissioning to free the *Toledo* name for a heavy cruiser then being built at New York. A very brief history of the *Dearborn* and a photo can be found at: http://www.navsource.org/archives/12/08033.htm

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