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Re: Laker Design

From: William Lafferty
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Date: 12.06.08
Time: 12:51:05 AM


In general, this description is true, beginning with the little "rabbit" steamers and extending through the whalebacks and so-called "monitors" (*Andaste* and *Choctaw*). The first accommodations-aft laker of any consequence (and it was a major consequence) would be the *Cape Breton Miner* of 1962, which, in my estimation for a variety of salient reasons, may the most innovative and radical vessel the lakes had seen until the advent of the footers, and, compared to the *Cape Breton Miner,* their's is only an advance in overall size, although, clearly, the loop-belt configuration in many footers was a step beyond the inclined-belt system of the *Cape Breton Miner.*

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