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Mystery Postcard

From: Vince Gratton
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Date: 12.03.08
Time: 07:23:21 PM


I have recently acquired a bunch of old postcards. They are mostly Ontario Canada cards. Although the majority are marked as to their origin, there are some which are photo type cards and appear to be all from the same area based on were they were placed in these old albums. I have attached a copy of one and it appears to be two lake boat freighters under construction. As these cards were for the most part from the early years of the 20th century, I'm thinking 1910 or so and perhaps Lake Superior area. There are others from the Lake Superior area addressed to this lady which leads me to believe she had a friend there. Can you help me identify this photo as it will also help with the others. Much appreciated if you can. The photo is posted in the Boatnerd News Photo Gallery for December 3-4.

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