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Re: August 16, 1988

From: Eric
Location: Duluth
Remote Name:
Date: 12.02.08
Time: 05:17:15 PM


If it's at all possible, I'm sure if you posted the photo here someone would ID it pretty shortly. Short of that, look through the historical photo gallery section at Boatnerd/MHSD ( http://www.mhsd.org/photogallery/ ) for some of the older CSL vessels that might've been working at the time. First thought is the T.R. McLagan (later Oakglen, a lot of pictures under that name in the "scrapped" section at the bottom of boatnerd's Fleet Photo Gallery section), also might be the Stadacona or Hochelaga although they were self-unloaders. Other possibilities include Whitefish Bay, Murray Bay (now Canadian Provider), Black Bay (later Canadian Voyager), Baie St. Paul, Simcoe, Richelieu (now Algocape), Rimouski. Sir James Dunn is another close Georgian Bay look-alike, but I doubt she was still active as of 1988.

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