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From: Eric
Location: WA
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Date: 12.01.08
Time: 01:16:30 AM


A decent portion of the smaller ASC boats' business is stone. As Charlie mentioned once freezing temperatures set in around late Nov./early Dec. the Michigan quarries are a lot less active and stone shipments usually finish up for the winter. Additionally, since the stone trade relies heavily on construction and steelmaking the economic slowdown is bringing an even quicker end to that season. ASC has far more small self-unloaders than any U.S. fleet, so it makes sense to see a lot of them going to layup before the handful of small self-unloaders run by Interlake, K&K/ULT, and Grand River. On top of all that the ore trade is down; in recent better economic times the smaller ASC boats were making ore runs (especially out of Silver Bay), but now ore tonnage reqs. are dropping fast and ASC has plenty of bigger and probably more efficient boats for those longer-distance runs.

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