Barge #45

From: Steve
Location: Port Stanley Ontario
Remote Name:
Date: 12.20.06
Time: 07:53:12 AM


I am not sure where the author of the story of the barge #45 that went against the Peace Bridge got his imformation but parts of the story are wrong. No cable from a tug to the barge broke that allowed the barge to get stuck. In fact there where two barges in the operation. I worked for the Canadian part of the salvage operation and we drilled anchors about 7000 ft up river from the bridge into the river bottom. The US contractor then hooked onto these anchors and let the current carry the two salvage barges down about 3500 ft and then the second barge was winched down to the bridge. As the second barge got close to the bridge the increase in the river current took up all the slack cable that was between the two barges and pulled the salvage barge under the Peace Bridge.

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