Replying to a Message

When replying to a message please open the original post and click on the "Post a Reply" link at the top of the original message.

Some new security products (like Norton Internet Security) incorrectly identify the discussion board's post action and block the reply. In most cases you can add to the list of safe sites. If the software still prevents you from replying disable the "Intrusion Detection" feature for a few minutes while you make your reply.

We have been in contact with the software's designers and they are expected to correct this function in the future.

When a post is made out of a "thread" the server tries to match the post to a recent thread. At busy times this can cause the post made out side the thread to be lost.

On a side note we would like to again request that any post made does not use words typed in all capital letters. These posts are flagged by an anti spam program running on the server and removed. This includes all fields open to user input.

Thank you, the BoatNerd.Com crew

Last changed: 03/14/11