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Re: Horseface Mary

From: Bart
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Date: 12.29.05
Time: 09:50:46 AM


Mates: Some of you are confusing Peckerhead Kate with Kay Erickson...Kay ran the Pilothouse on 100th St. and yes, she would give us all rides back to the docks and loaned her car to me many times to do shopping. I stayed in her rooms at times. Richard Speck was identified by her bartender,Murrel Farmer, and her after the murders and was sued by the families. Kay sold the tavern and moved to Indiana in the 80's and passed away. Speck had a room at the Golden Shell at the time of the murders and was apprenended in downtown Chicago in a flophouse. History now. Kay and Kate and Horseface were good friends of mine. Kate married Harvy Martin who worked for Great Lakes Dredge and one day she thru his clothes out the window onto South Chicago Ave. and told him to go to work. I saw the suitcases bouncing in the street. Quit a show. Still laughing about that.

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