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The Scotiadoc was originally launched as the Martin Mullen for the Lakewood Steamship Company in 1904. She was 416 x 50 x 28 with US Registry 201025 and a gross registered tonnage of 4635. She sailed in the Pioneer fleet from 1908 until 1947. On 11/28/47, the Mullen was sold to Paterson and renamed Scotiadoc (Canadian Registry 173186). On 6/20/53, the Scotiadoc departed Thunder Bay with 239,000 bushels of wheat for Georgian Bay ports. Fifteen miles out of Thunder Bay, under foggy and windy (55 mph) conditions, the Scotiadoc collided with the Burlington. At 6:40 pm, the Scotiadoc sank off Trowbridge Island with a loss of one life. The Burlington carried the survivors back to Thunder Bay. Three previous Paterson boats named for Nova Scotia were ill-fated. The first Novadoc (renamed ARA) struck a mine and sank in the Atlantic 4/8/42, the second Novadoc stranded in Lake Michigan on 11/11/40, and the third Novadoc foundered off New England 3/3/47. Paterson chose to honor the Province of Nova Scotia by renaming the Mullen as Scotiadoc rather than Novadoc to avoid the apparent jinx of naming boats after that Province! There is one photo of the Scotiadoc on the Bowling Green site ( there are a couple pics in Great Lakes Ships We Remember I (p 300-301), and a couple pics in the Fleet History Series, Volume 5.

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