Spirit of Algoma

From: Franz
Location: Duluth
Email: ZenithTug@aol dot com
Remote Name:
Date: 04/08/05
Time: 09:59:16 PM


Greetings Everyone: Is there anyone out there familiar with a small steam powered tugboat named SPIRIT OF ALGOMA that is still laying in a boatyard down in Milwaukee? We are trying to dig up its history, and so far have not had much luck. Her state registry papers show her as built in 1916 and "rumor has it", she had a more traditional tuboat house on her at one time (perhaps a "mini-Gtug look") and worked the Fox River. She has a rivited hull, about 30 x 10, with welded sister-plating and a triple expansion engine and coal boiler. We would be VERY interested in hearing from anyone who may have any leads of know of this vessel... former names, engine data, ANY history or notes at all would be very much appreciated. We have NO photos of her other than current ones, so any images would be quite helpful as well. Thank you. Franz VonRiedel

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