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From: William Lafferty
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Date: 04/04/05
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How many years? In 1955 Wallenius built two pre-Seaway size auto-carriers, the *Rigoletto* and *Traviata,* to carry mostly VWs as well as Jaguars, MGs, Renaults, M-Bs, and the odd Volvo and SAAB, from Europe to Canadian and American lake ports. These weren't ro/ro, though, but used deck-mounted derricks. Wallenius discontinued the service in the early '60s when the railroads offered cheaper rates from East Coast POEs. Wallenius then shifted its attention to Japan, and became the largest autocarrier on the high seas. There may have been a VW ro/ro service, but VW had its own plant in the US early on. Go to click on "Fleet" and "Fleet over Time" to see images of the *Rigoletto* and *Traviata.*

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