Sand Suckers - Emery

From: DaveM
Location: NEOhio
Remote Name:
Date: 01/27/05
Time: 05:08:53 PM


John R Emery is sitting in Fairport OH, for sale on Scruton's site, at Comparing with the BGSU site, she's very close to original condition except diesels, the aft wheelhouse is clearly the top half of the original forward house. We were speculating a while back about buying her, moving the house forward again, and having our own little lake freighter for cruising. Just a small matter of money. I have fairly recent pix at: Emery was apprently purchased by Osborne for her sand pump, then put up for sale. They have 2 other sandsuckers, FM Osborne (another very old boat) is active, EJ Carey seems to be well maintained, but don't know how much she's used. As of a few months ago, JS St John was in Erie, in active use. Very pretty boat (ex Navy YO, seagoing), would make a nice liveaboard conversion.

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