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From: Sean Dixon
Location: Toronto
Email: sean at skam dot ca
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Date: 09/27/04
Time: 03:10:09 PM


Hi there, I don't know if I'm going through the proper channels but I had a question for someone connected to your organization who might be an aficionado of tug-boats, barges, salties and lakers. I'm writing a work of fiction in which two young people end up walking onto a barge (or something) at or around the Montreal port in the middle of the night and are not discovered by anyone on board until the morning when they've gone quite a way down river. One of them is a boy who is running away from home after receiving news of the death of his siter and the other is a friend of his sister who has managed to find him just before he goes. I have a few questions which I'm hoping someone connected to your group might be able to answer: -how (in)feasible is the idea that someone could just walk onto a barge? If it is highly unfeasible, then what would be the conditions that would make it more believable? (A slow night? smaller crew?) -how many crew members would there be aboard such a craft? -where, if any, is the likeliest place in the Montreal port area that my protagonists would be most able to accomplish such a task? -Can a St. Lawrence River craft like one of these get all the way to St Pierre et Miquelon, or beyond? -if it were landing at St Pierre, then what might it be carrying? I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. I hope it might be entertaining for someone to help me out. Yours, Sean Dixon Toronto

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