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To the best of my knowledge, the CITY OF HAVANA was a truck ferry, not a railroad ferry. It ran from Key West to Havana, well after the Florida East Coast Railway was wiped off the Florida Keys by a 1935 hurricane. I do not have any details on the CITY OF HAVANA************************8 The railroad ferries to Cuba were as follows: Florida East Coast Car Ferry Company (owned by the Florida East Coast Railway): HENRY M. FLAGLER, 212826, built 1914, 336.7 by 59 by 18.7; JOSEPH R. PARROTT, 214493, built 1916, 336.7 by 59 by 18.7; and the ESTRADA PALMA, 220924 built 1920, 336.7 by 57 by 18.5. All three acquired by the US Navy during WW II. *************************************** Ships of the West India Fruit and Steamship Company (post WW II): GRAND HAVEN, 200007, built 1903 Craig Shipbuilding Company, Toledo Ohio for the Grand Trunk Milwaukee Car Ferry Company (owned by GTW Railroad) 306 by 54.4 by 17.3 (this is the former Great Lakes ship you might have been thinking of); HENRY M. FLAGLER and JOSEPH R. PARROTT (see above); NEW GRAND HAVEN, built 1951 by Canadian Vickers, 436 by 70 by 22.5; CITY OF NEW ORLEANS, built 1959, 485 by 70 by ?; and the SEA LEVEL (former names SEATRAIN and SEATRAIN NEW ORLEANS), built 1928 Newcastle England, 428.6 by 62.2 by 37.7 later lengthened to 452.8. ******************** After trade between the US and Cuba was restricted, the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS went into service to Alaska as the ALASKA, and the NEW GRAND HAVEN became the PATRICK MORRIS, serving Newfoundland. It sank, with the loss of four lives on April 17, 1970 while responding to another vessel in distress. ********************* Info and a photo of the GRAND HAVEN and the NEW GRAND HAVEN can be accessed here

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