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From: William Lafferty
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Date: 08/28/04
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The *Gypsum King* 366014 and *Gypsum Baron* 366177 were hull numbers 208 and 209, respectively, of Collingwood Shipyards, the former completed December 1975, the latter June 1976, respectively. They were self-unloaders and near-sisters, built for Gypsum Transportation Ltd., London. They measured 143.26m x 22.41m x 1.5m; 12839 gt, 6075 nt; propelled by two GE steam turbines, 8500 shp, supplied by two water tube boilers. The *Gypsum King* has been scrapped; the *Gypsum Baron* was reflagged to Bermuda in 2000 and operates for her original owner, managed by Beltships Ltd., and is a frequent visitor to the American and Canadian East Coasts.

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