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There were six ships that carried the Steinbrenner family name, two of those were named George M. Steinbrenner, the other four were all named Henry Steinbrenner. The first George M. Steinbrenner was built in 1906 as the first John Sherwin. She sailed under that name for Gilchrist and later Interlake until 1958, and spent a year as the Saturn before being sold to Kinsman and renamed George M. Steinbrenner in 1959. In 1969 she was renamed Kinsman Venture, and the following year she was sold for sinking as a temporary breakwater in Nanticoke, Ontario. She was raised and towed to Toronto for scrapping in 1973. The Second George M. Steinbrenner was built in 1907 as the Arthur H. Hawgood. In 1911 she was sold to Inland Steel and renamed Joseph Block. Kinsman acquired her in 1969 and sailed her as the George M. Steinbrenner until 1975, when she was sold for scrapping in Port Colborne, Ontario. After several years awaiting her fate, she was finally cut up for scrap in 1979. The original Henry Stenbrenner was built for Kinsman in 1901 and carried that name for her entire career. That career ended tragically on May 11, 1953 when she sank in a storm on Lake Superior with the loss of 17 of her crew. The second Henry Steinbrenner was originally the Verona of the Pickands-Mather fleet when she was built in 1907. She was sold to Kinsman and renamed Henry Steinbrenner in 1957. She was briefly renamed Uhlmann Brothers in 1965 before being sold to Norlake Shipping and renamed Manitoba. She was scrapped in England in 1969. The third Henry Steinbrenner was built as the Pittsburgh Steamship Company's George F. Baker, also in 1907. Kinsman acquired her in 1965, and operated her as the Henry Steinbrenner until 1979 when she was scrapped in Ashtabula, Ohio. The fourth and final Henry Steinbrenner was also a former Pittsburgh boat, built in 1916 as the William A. McGonagle. Kinsman bought the McGonagle in 1979, but kept her original name until 1986 when she was renamed Henry Steinbrenner. She sailed through the 1989 season and was laid up in Toledo. At that time she was the last coal-fired straight-decker on the Great Lakes, and the last of the "Standard 600-footers" in unmodified form. She was scrapped in Port Maitland, Ontario in 1994.

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